Stihl MS 181 Review: The Modern Petrol Chainsaw

By | 2 January 2021

Stihl MS 181 Chainsaw: A product of the Stihl brand could not be missing from our reviews. We told about it on the appropriate page. Stihl is the leading manufacturer of professional chainsaws. Here, we want to tell you about the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw. A chainsaw is able to please both professionals and hobbyists. Obviously, for the latter, the price could be a little too high. Professionals will find in the price of this chainsaw already one of the very first advantages.
The Stihl MS 181 chainsaw is ideal for felling small trees, cutting firewood but also ideal for carpentry work.
Let’s go in order and present the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw as it should.

Small, Light, Low Consumption… It Has it all!

Stihl MS 181: We don’t even know where to start to describe a chainsaw that borders on its small size, a masterpiece. However, we must start somewhere. So, we tell you right away that the weight of the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw is 4.6 kg (without of course the bar and chain). The gross weight of 6 kg. A luxury to have a petrol chainsaw that is not heavy.
Not to mention the dimensions of just 40 x 28.5 x 28 cm. Really small for a petrol chainsaw.
And we’re not done here, of course. Maybe the weight and size are not important to you. But don’t worry. Now, it will be an escalation of benefits that you will feel you cannot do without. But if you already want to proceed with the purchase phases, then click here.

Stihl MS 181 Specs

  • Power: 1,5 kW.
  • Displacement: 31.8 cm³.
  • Pre-filtered air filter: This innovative cleaning system eliminates coarse dirt particles, allowing you to work longer. Since you will have to clean the filter, less than expected.
  • Single lever control: a simple command, just one, and you can manage all the starting, running, and stopping operations. All using just one hand.
  • Compensator: Helps maintain a constant fuel-to-air mixture.
  • Anti-vibration system: so your hands don’t have to take the heavy shocks caused by your chainsaw while you work.
  • Automatic lubrication and side chain tensioner.
  • Reduction of exhaust gases by 70%
  • 20% reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Simple opening and closing of the tank cap.
  • Rollomatic E Lightbar: allows excellent cutting performance and fewer rebounds. Ideal for tree care.

Stihl MS 181 Review: The Modern Petrol Chainsaw

Stihl MS 181 Review: The Modern Petrol Chainsaw

Excellent value for money!

We have truly described an authentic Stihl branded little gem. On the other hand, Stihl is a brand of sure trust. But now let’s talk about the price.
A hobbyist could very well buy the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw, but of course, you should know, that the price is higher than a hobby chainsaw. Because here we are already entering the field of professionalism.

The Stihl MS 181 chainsaw offers low consumption, ease of use, and not indifferent work continuity. This raises the price of this chainsaw. Sure you could take home a chainsaw with a capital M, but we don’t want to sway you and push your budget. Also because it all depends on the budget you have made available for the purchase of your chainsaw. If it is lower than the price of the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw, then you can turn to the other hobby chainsaws reviewed on our site.

Turning to you, professional, the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw, as we have seen, is ideal for carpentry work, cutting firewood, and felling small trees. So, if you are a lumberjack, dealing with very sturdy and large diameter trees, you will understand for yourself, that this is not the right chainsaw for you. If you are a gardener, however, you can seriously consider purchasing the Stihl MS 181 chainsaw.

Below, we want to show you the price of the Stihl ms 181 chainsaw and the advantageous offer we have selected. Find out if it’s still active.


  • Reduced vibrations.
  • Limitless connectivity.
  • Minimal fuel consumption and substantial reduction of exhaust gases compared to 2-stroke Stihl engines with similar capabilities without 2 mixed technologies.
  • Excellent saw for firewood and wood construction.
  • Sidechain tension.

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