Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw Review – Home Depot & Best Price $199

By | 28 November 2020

Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw, ultra-fast cut, and the relatively low weight justify the higher price of this 16-inch chainsaw from Stihl. So perform a chain brake and a tool-free chain adjustment as well as a sturdy knife cover. As with other gas-powered saws, you need to mix gas and oil to fuel the two-stroke engine. We strongly advise the operator to wear hearing protection and other protective equipment.

Powerful Entry-Level Model: STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw was designed as a powerful entry-level model. With an output of 1.4 kW, it can easily cut thick branches or smaller trees and is also suitable for processing firewood. The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw can be supplied with a cutting length of 30 cm as well as a cutting length of 35 cm. Thanks to the economical 2-MIX engine, the 4.1 kg machine consumes relatively little fuel and at the same time reduces exhaust emissions.

Numerous optional accessories can also be ordered, such as a chainsaw case, a carrying bag, or a combination wrench for re-tensioning and changing the chain.

Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw Review - Home Depot & Best Price $199 Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw Review - Home Depot & Best Price $199

STIHL MS 180 Technical Specifications

All technical specifications of the STIHL MS 180 are in the table below.

Technical specifications value
Weight kg 1) 4.1
Power kW / PS 1.4 / 1.9
Cubic capacity cm³ 31.8
Rail length cm 30-40
Vibration value left / right m / s² 2) 6.6 / 7.8
CO2 g / kWh 859
Sound pressure level dB (A) 3) 100
Sound power level dB (A) 3) 112
Saw chain division 3/8 “P
Power to weight ratio kg / kW 3

Standard Equipment

STIHL four-channel technology
Four transfer channels swirl the fuel-air mixture before ignition. In this way, the fuel is optimally burned and the efficiency of the engine is significantly increased.

The result, less consumption and a high torque over a wide speed range.

STIHL anti-vibration system
Strong vibrations at the grip points of power tools can lead to circulatory disorders in the hands and arms in the long term. STIHL has therefore developed a high-quality anti-vibration system. In motorized devices with an AV system, the vibrations generated by the motor and the work tools are significantly reduced at the grip points.

The STIHL compensator, a control system in the carburetor, ensures that engine performance, exhaust quality, and fuel consumption remain almost constant over a longer period of time, despite increasing contamination of the air filter. The air filter only needs to be cleaned when there is a noticeable drop in performance. This also allows very long working intervals without maintenance.

Single lever operation
The functions of the machine, such as cold and warm start, operation and stop, are controlled by a single lever. This makes operation particularly convenient and safe because the right hand can always remain on the handle.

Lateral chain tension
The tensioning screw is operated laterally through the sprocket cover. So this prevents the hand from making contact with the sharp saw chain and the tips of the claw stop.

Ematic system
The STIHL Ematic system consists of a STIHL Ematic or Ematic S guide bar, a STIHL Oilomatic saw chain, and a quantity-adjustable or reduced-flow oil pump. So, the special construction of the bar and chain ensures that every drop of chain oil gets to where it is needed for lubrication. The STIHL Ematic system reduces the consumption of adhesive chain oil by up to 50% compared to conventional rails without STIHL Ematic, depending on the cutting equipment and the type of wood.

Stihl MS 180 Manual Pdf

You can access the STIHL MS 180 manual pdf file from the link below: Download

Stihl MS 180 Chain Size

Chain Specification

  • Bar Length: 12″ (44 Links) / 14″ (50 Links)
  • Pitch: 3/8 Picco”
  • Gauge: .043″
  • Chain File Size: 5/32″

Stihl MS180 Replacement Chain Price: $20-22

Genuine STIHL Replacement Chain
Fits Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw
Guide Bar Length: 12″/14″

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