Stihl 023 Chainsaw Prices and Specs – BEST Price 2020

By | 4 November 2020

Stihl 023 Chainsaw, read our review of the best products you should know before you buy. We have so much data gathering fresh Stihl 023 Chainsaw reviews to choose from. If you already know how or not, with our advice you can achieve the help you want. Stihl 023 specs are included in our article. Do not buy without review.

Stihl 023 Chainsaw Price

Stihl 023 Chainsaw Prices may vary depending on the frequency of chainsaw usage, quality, and models. If you won’t be using it often, you can buy a chainsaw that will do the job for $ 200. For longer use, you may encounter prices of $ 300 or more. For those looking for high quality and affordable Stihl 023 chainsaw, you can find the best Stihl 023 chainsaw for between $ 100 and $ 250.

Stihl 023 Chainsaw Prices and Specs - BEST Price 2020

Stihl 023 Chainsaw Prices and Specs - BEST Price 2020


Stihl 023 Specs

Stihl 023 specifications are detailed below:

  • Stihl 023 Chainsaw has a displacement of 40.2 cc and a single-cylinder made of aluminum with chrome alloy.
  • Gasoline intake is produced by rubber direct intake.
  • Stihl 023,¬†weight is 5.5 kg and it is intended for use by one man.
  • The handlebar system is anti-vibration and has a chain brake.
  • Its clutch is centrifugal with bearings.
  • The material in which it is built is through pressure injected magnesium and pressure molded polymer.
  • The type of ignition is electronic.
  • The starter type of the Stihl 023 is manual with automatic rewind on the left side.
  • Chain lubrication is carried out by an automatic pump with non-adjustable gear.
  • The type of spark plug is a Bosch WSR6F with a 0.51mm gap.
  • The main bearings of the crankshaft are ball bearings.
  • Stihl 023 Capacity of the fuel tank is 0.25 L.
  • The chain oil capacity is 100 cl.
  • The recommended percentage of oil in the mix is 5% and the octane number of 96 unleaded gasoline.
  • The chain pitch is a 3/8 Stihl Picco micro low profile.
  • The saber is pinion or hard pointed with a length between 30 and 45 cm and placed on the right side of the chainsaw.
  • Its colors are gray with a red Stihl plastic cap.

Stihl 023 Parts

Stihl 023 Parts are easy to find.  It is possible to find it by searching for online shopping sites. Stihl 023 Parts are sold at more affordable prices than other brands. Chainsaw parts are also sold by auction method on well-known sites such as eBay.


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