Oregon Chainsaw Chains 2020 – Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener & Bars

By | 5 November 2020

Oregon chainsaw chains are the most preferred saw chains in the market. Talking about an Oregon chainsaw is talking about an innovative and ever-changing brand in chainsaws. 

Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener is one of the brand’s most admired products. After analyzing how this feat of nature as possible, Joseph built the first Cox Chipper chain, with a revolutionary system that earned the confidence of the industry by reducing accidents, reducing jams and hitches, which were so common back then.

Thus, in 1947, the Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation was born. The company had only four employees and a single product.

Today, while a lot of water flows under the bridge, this company does business in more than 100 countries. It is an empire in the chainsaw industry, preferred by factories in the United States, China, Brazil and Canada, and over 3,000 employees.

Best Oregon Chainsaws

Oregon chainsaws have a vast portfolio of products, all of which are focused on the forestry area: cutting tools and their spare parts.

Let’s see what the best Oregon chainsaws are and the features that set it apart on the market. Chainsaw blades are very durable. Oregon chainsaw chain is one of the best chain brands.

Oregon Chainsaw Chains 2020 - Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener & Bars

Oregon 573018 CS300 Chainsaw

573018 CS300 is a highly content product. The main innovation of this lithium battery-powered chainsaw is the addition of Oregon’s exclusive and patented chain sharpening system. Oregon 573018 CS300 Chainsaw PowerSharp, as the system is called, consists of a lever that – just by moving it – sharpens the chain in just 3 to 5 seconds.

Oregon chainsaw battery, depending on the capacity, offers up to 440 cuts of maximum 7 cm with a 4.0ah battery. For its part, with a 6.0ah battery, you can make up to 600 cuts of up to 7 cm.

Oregon chainsaw has a large capacity motor that moves the chain at 14 m / s, with a 40 cm bar that allows clean and precise cuts. Oregon bars can be found easily on the market.

Oregon Chainsaw Chains 2020 - Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener & Bars

The chain is sharpened in 5 seconds without disassembling it. Does not include a charger. Compatible with Lithium batteries, 36 V, Red / black / gray

  • Self-sharpening system included
  • Brushless motor
  • Grease oil capacity: 150ml
  • Cutting equipment: Oregon 40 cm bar and Oregon 3/8 “PowerSharp chain
  • Weight 5.4 kg with battery

Price : 325€

Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500, 15 amp motor with 3400 w power, very quiet, powerful, stable, and precise, with a 45 cm bar for a wide cutting range. The CS1500 Electric Chainsaw is also equipped with an Oregon-specific PowerSharp system for chain sharpening in seconds.
Thus; the tension of the chain is carried out by adjusting the ring located on one of the sides of the machine.

The total weight of this electric saw is 5.7 kg, ideal for professional and amateur tasks in the gardening area.

Oregon Chainsaw Chains 2020 - Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener & Bars

Oregon CS1500 – 2400W Electric Chainsaw (Smooth Kick, Powerful and Quiet Chainsaw, Corded and PowerSharp Sharpening System)

  • Powerful performance: 2400W electric chainsaw with an included chain brake
  • Silent chainsaw: Silent cutting technology. A smooth recoil for ease of use
  • Smart design: Features the PowerSharp integrated sharpening system. No tools required for chain tensioning
  • Long-lasting power: The chainsaw features an automatic lubrication system and a transparent lubricant reservoir
  • Includes: 3-year warranty
Price: 125€

Oregon CS300 Battery Chainsaw

Oregon CS300 Battery is used, which is up to four times quieter than an electric chainsaw. In conclusion; It has a brushless electric motor with 40% more power than similar equipment.

Spike has a length of 40 cm, an ergonomic design, and features that allow very low vibration with excellent balance.

It turns on at the touch thanks to the instant start system. Also, it has the revolutionary PowerSharp technology from Oregon that keeps the cutting chain sharp for much longer.

It works with a lithium-ion battery with the ability to provide power for hours and maintains a charge for months. Providing the ability to use it whenever you want without any inconvenience.

Oregon Chainsaw Chains 2020 - Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener & Bars

Oregon 573016 CS300 Lithium Self Sharpening Chainsaw. Includes 4.0Ah battery and standard charger. Chain sharpens in 5 seconds without disassembling, 36 V, Red, Black, Gray

  • The self-sharpening system is included.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Grease oil capacity: 150ml.
  • Cutting equipment: Oregon 40cm bar and Oregon 3/8 “Powersharp chain.
  • Weight of 5.4Kg with battery.

Price: 330€

Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon  Sharpener; your saw chain will get sharp again in no time! The idea is not new, but still fundamentally ingenious. There should be a chainsaw with a chain that sharpens itself automatically during work and without wasting time. This is certainly what many Oregon Sharpener owners would like.

Oregon chainsaw sharpening system:
This sharpening system is now approaching the previously unfilled language. In the case of a continuous chain, Powersharp attachment is simply mounted at the tail end. Then let the saw chain pass through the appliance at full throttle for 4-5 seconds. After removing it, the chain is sharp again and you can continue working.

Oregon Chainsaw Chains 2020 - Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener & Bars

Oregon Sharpener Price

The complete sharpening system consists of four components:

– sharpening head
– a grindstone
– a special saw chain
– and a special guide rail When buying a

a new one, 65 to 68 euros (internet prices) is due for the entire package, depending on the length of the guide rail selected.

The saw chain has been specially designed for the system.
Can only be sharpened with the Powersharp attachment. Manual sharpening by hand with a file is almost impossible due to tooth geometry. It is therefore clear that existing standard chains cannot be sharpened with this system.

Manual rail is basically a standard rail, but Oregon supplies it with two bores that are necessary for the secure attachment of the sharpening head.

If a new Powersharp chain is due after a long period of use, this investment costs around 30 to 32 euros. On the other hand, a standard toothed tooth chain that is comparable in length is available in stores for just 15 euros.

However, the new Powersharp chain also comes with a new whetstone, because the manufacturer recommends replacing the whetstone after every used chain. This fact must be taken into account when comparing the prices of both types of saw chains.

Oregon Sharpening Compatible Chainsaw Models

The manufacturer offers a saw configurator on the website. The system can be supplied for a wide variety of chainsaw models. However, all possible saws fall under the category of “hobby saws”. The system is not available for a semi-professional chainsaw or even a professional saw. For us, this fact is a first indication of which group of buyers the manufacturer had in mind when designing.

Oregon Sharpener Manual

Oregon chainsaw sharpener manual is available on the Field’s official site. I will add a link below for you.

Oregon Chainsaw Website: https://www.oregonproducts.com/en/product-manuals-and-technical-information

Bu bağlantıyla, birçok Oregon ürün kullanım kılavuzuna erişebilirsiniz .

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