Ego Power+ Chainsaw Review – Specs 2020

By | 8 December 2020

The EGO Power + chainsaw is designed to tackle even the toughest jobs. No logs, no logs or branches – nothing stands in your way. Cut everything in front of you. Watch this video and you will see that EGO Power + chainsaws are designed to tackle even the toughest jobs.

For home use: The EGO Power + machines have a 5 YEAR warranty and The charger system, batteries, and battery pack have a 3 YEAR warranty.

Ego Power+ CS1600E 40cm Chainsaw

The EGO Power + Chainsaw is a robust and resistant chain, capable of withstanding the toughest jobs. Logs, branches …, nothing stands in your way. The tool-free tension chain is easy to assemble and adjust. Check its lube level through its oil marker and you are good to go. The difference in safety is also notable. The control chain and electric brake will protect you while you work. Plus, the self-lubricating system keeps the chain running smoothly throughout use. In addition to the 56V EGO Arco Lithium battery, which allows us an impressive autonomy time on a single charge, as well as surprising power, it will keep you working on cutting, cutting, and cutting.

Product Manual: Download Price: $218

Ego Power+ Chainsaw Review - Specs 2020 Ego Power+ Chainsaw Review - Specs 2020 Ego Power+ Chainsaw Review - Specs 2020


  • Brand: EGO
  • Battery: Lithium-ion (not included)
  • Battery-Voltage: 56V
  • Battery-Charger: Not included
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Bar / Chain: Oregon
  • Guide Bar Length: 40cm / 16″
  • Chain Speed: 12m/s
  • Chain Tensioning: Tool-less
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication: Yes
  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • Warranty: 5 years

User experiences:

Perfect chainsaw for what I need.

Having a decent size yard with a few trees I need a good size chainsaw but not a monster one. The EGO 16in Chainsaw fits that bill perfectly. It’s easy to use. Check the bar/chain oil, slide in a charged battery, and go to work. It’s just that easy. No more mixing gas and oil, breaking down the carb to clean it, or hard stats. Just pull the trigger and go. Best of all, no more using gas to go and get gas. I guess my only real complaint, like others have mentioned, my chain came off the bar during use. Because I only use a chainsaw a few times a year, this will be a minor problem, at least for me. Overall, I’m very happy with it.

No starting problems, wish the chain would stay on.

I was excited about using my Ego chainsaw for the first time. I have a gas-powered chainsaw that would constantly stall and need restarting and was looking forward to that no longer being a problem. The good news … it isn’t! The bad news is the chain is constantly coming off. In one hour’s use, it came off a half dozen times. I have had chains come off on other chainsaws when they get stuck in a tree but never on a regular basis when just cutting small saplings and branches. I’m trying to decide which aggravates me more, the repeated stalling and restarting of my old chainsaw or having to keep putting the chain back on my new EGO.

So far we love it

Just used it for the first time cutting down an oak tree and a few small pine trees around our property and overall it went great! A few kinks in the beginning but I think it had to do with it being a brand new chain and bar and learning how to use the chain tensioning method of the saw. I think anyone could use this saw both young and older people. It’s lightweight, safe, not very noisy and no pulling of a string to get it started. The battery lasted about an hour, but we have other products so we have 2 extra batteries. We look forward to using it more since he has more trees that need to take care of around my property! I would recommend this to anyone.

The chainsaw does the job and more

I wasn’t in the market for a new chainsaw but my battery from the mower is almost 6 years old and I wanted to get a new battery just in case it fails. The chainsaw came with the battery I needed and for the cost of a new battery, I got a chainsaw for just a little bit more. I’ve used gas saws for years and this one does the job just as well. Cuts like butter and didn’t need hearing protection. For higher limbs, I put in one of my smaller batteries to cut down on weight and for the lower cutting, I used the larger battery which helped in cutting with the additional weight. It seems safer than gas machines. Fits in with my mower, blower, inverter, and string trimmer.

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