Echo Chainsaw Reviews – Is Echo a good brand chainsaw?

By | 27 December 2020

Echo Chainsaw: The first chainsaw called ECHO CS-80 came on the market in 1963, it was also the first Echo Chainsaw that also bore the brand name. Many more models have been added since then. Echo Chainsaw of the X series should be particularly interesting for all professional users. These models are extremely powerful and have been tested under the toughest conditions so that they usually hardly reach their performance limits and are ideally suited for outdoor use.

All chainsaws are constantly being further developed, which speaks in favor of the fact that as a customer of ECHO you are always up to date when you buy a device there.

From time to time the connoisseur should also be familiar with the Shindaiwa chain saws, which are also part of ECHO power tools.

How big is the range of chainsaws?

Echo Chainsaw range: The range of chainsaws is large and varied. The saws cover the most diverse areas of application. There are both petrol chainsaws, electric chainsaws, and cordless chainsaws, with the largest selection being the petrol-powered saws.

The offer ranges from universal chainsaws, tree care, and carving saws to forest saws with a lot of engine power.

ECHO chainsaws are available from over 1000 specialist dealers. There you can get detailed advice, try out the saws at your leisure or if a problem should arise, have it repaired there. At the same time, ECHO also has a good supply of spare parts, which in turn has many advantages if you want to use your chainsaw for many years.

What experiences have we had with ECHO so far?

ECHO chainsaw experiences: Our experience with ECHO has been positive so far. We currently have a CS-501 SX from ECHO in use and are very satisfied with it. The quality and workmanship are very good and there have been no problems so far. The saw is used for more intensive sawing work.

Echo Chainsaw Reviews - Is Echo a good brand chainsaw?

Echo CS 550 Chainsaw Review

The Echo CS 550, together with the Shindaiwa, forms our upper-class test field. Both come from the same distributor. Can you still find a favorite?

Echo Chainsaw Reviews - Is Echo a good brand chainsaw?


The engine has 54 cm and 2.5 kW (3.4 hp). The chainsaw wrench is required to tension the chain. Both tanks can be filled easily. The fuel tank holds approx. 0.5 l, the oil tank approx. 0.3 l. The engine works as a stratified charger. That saves fuel and protects the environment.

In action

Even on a damp morning, the engine starts without grumbling with the second pull on the rope. A warm-up phase of about one minute is enough, then it hangs cleanly on the gas and impresses with a good draft. It is only ahead of its class competitor by 0.25 kW. At work, however, this is already noticeable in better cutting times. The saw also pleases with what feels like a very low level of vibration.


The class win in this test goes to the Echo CS 550. It convinces with good engine performance. Very low vibration values ​​make longer use possible. Only the tank should be a bit bigger.

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