Chainsaw Helmet Reviews: The Best Helmets 2021

By | 25 December 2020

The Best Chainsaw Helmets 2021: There are around eleven million hectares of forest in the USA. The best quality Helmet prices are here. A correspondingly large amount of work has to be done in the natural wood. The use of saws, axes, and other special tools on trees and moss can be dangerous for the user. A forest helmet is therefore an important part of protective work clothing.

Despite all the similarities, there are still differences in forest helmets. We show you what you should consider when buying a forest helmet and whether the professional chainsaw helmet test winner of a forest chainsaw helmet comparison is automatically the best model for your needs.

Forest Helmet Test or Comparison

  • Forest helmets are protective helmets. They protect hobby forest workers from the risk of injury when processing wood. All certified helmets have hinged visors so that no chips can fly into the eyes. In addition, there is hearing protection on each of the protective helmets in order to keep noise pollution as low as possible.
  • Those who are professionally on the road as a forest worker and work with forest tools must wear suitable work clothing according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. But this special protective clothing is also suitable for private purposes in the forest in all weathers.
  • In order to find the right forest chainsaw helmet for you with the right safety standard, the shape of the visor, the sound insulation of the earmuffs, and the general fit are of particular importance.

A safety helmet test shows that successfully tested forest chainsaw helmets are always kept in bright signal colors. The helmets also come with integrated eye and ear protection. There are also many differences to discover. Whether you need a forest helmet with a radio or a forest helmet with glasses or the inexpensive forest helmet from the hardware store is enough for you, our purchase advice will show you. Take the helmet test and find out which 2020 model is best for your application.

et and Forest Helmet With Visor

Whether it is Stihl, Protos, or anybody else is a matter of taste. In any case, forest helmets are specially designed to reduce the risk of injury to anyone working with wood in the forest. Unlike other types of protective helmets, for example on the construction site or for cyclists, in forest helmets, both visor and hearing protection is mounted directly and firmly to the head protection.

The visor should protect the eyes from wood splinters and other flying objects. Thanks to the hearing protection, the noise caused by chainsaws or other forest work are reduced. So the ears are spared. Forest helmets are tested within Europe to guarantee high quality. There are legal regulations that must be adhered to in order to achieve the test sticker. But these not only have advantages:


  • Protect the head against branches.
  • Prevent chips or sparks from getting into the eyes.
  • Reduce the noise pollution from electric hedge trimmers or chainsaws.


  • Visors sometimes restrict the unobstructed side view.
  • The helmet can make you sweat in the heat.

Chainsaw helmets are basically similar in their basic equipment, but there are many differences. The visors can be adjusted differently depending on the activity. The fit can be adjusted to the head circumference. Those who like it particularly comfortable can buy a model that has textile straps in the helmet for extra comfort when lying down.

Chainsaw Helmet Reviews: The Best Helmets 2021

Chainsaw Helmet Reviews: The Best Helmets 2021

Chainsaw Helmet Reviews: The Best Helmets 2021

Chainsaw Helmet Reviews: The Best Helmets 2021

Professional Forest Chainsaw Helm

Nevertheless, you can see in our purchase advice that there are many extras. If hours of sawing work alone are too boring for you, there is a forest helmet with a radio. Many brands now offer this accessory as an option. If the colleague is to be addressed, there are forest helmets with radio for communication. The loudspeakers or the entire radio including the antenna are integrated into the ear capsules. This means that work does not have to be interrupted to take off the helmet for conversations. We have listed three basic helmet models from three different price ranges for comparison:

Type Description
Protos Integral Forest Pfanner forest helmet
  • With neck protection and face protection
  • Klimaair ventilation system
  • High-quality workmanship, long durability
  • Expensive to buy at around 200 euros
  • One size (fit can be customized)
Fosthelm Stihl, Aero Light helmet set
  • High-quality polyethylene
  • Very light with only 632 g
  • Inexpensive at around 50 euros
  • Can be upgraded with numerous extras
  • Extras must be purchased separately
Husqvarna Technical forest helmet
  • The 6-point textile belt for ergonomic comfort
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Neck and sun protection
  • At around 100 euros priced in the middle

Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Signal Colors – What The EU Prescribes

There are EU-wide standards for forest helmets that must be complied with for certification. This includes three safety aspects: The manufacturer of the helmets must integrate hearing protection and face protection and use one of three specified signal colors. This is the only way to recognize the carrier from a great distance in an emergency. If you buy a forest helmet, make sure that these guidelines are followed.

Seal of approval: CE mark and FPA mark

The CE mark guarantees that the statutory provisions of the EU are complied with. The FPA mark looks like an acorn, the logo of the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forstwirtschaft (KWF). These forest helmets cost more, but you know that you are well protected during your work.

Note: Both the CE mark and the FPA logo are usually clearly visible directly on the helmet.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Chainsaw Helmet

Whether you want to buy an inexpensive forest helmet as a hobby gardener with lots of trees in the garden or a professional forestry helmet, you should pay attention to the following features when buying:

  • Processing
  • Material/comfort
  • Weight in g
  • Measures in cm
  • Security class
  • Extras

There are all sorts of weather conditions throughout the year. Nevertheless, sun and rain protection is an extra feature of a forest helmet that is not absolutely necessary. This makes the helmet bigger and heavier and therefore more uncomfortable, and the purchase price also rises.

Which Materials Are Recommended?

In the current protective helmet tests 2020, comparisons are made between cheap and expensive forest helmets. The materials are also examined carefully. For example, the Husqvarna Technical model is made of particularly light plastic, while the Protos Integral Forest and the 3M G3000 forest helmet are made of Acrylic Nitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and are therefore electrically insulating.

Tip: Whether you buy an aluminum forest helmet or a forest helmet made of plastic is not decisive for robustness or durability. However, the material plays an important purchase aspect when it comes to weight. The lighter, the longer you can comfortably wear it in one piece.

Models And Prices in Comparison: Is an expensive safety helmet always the best?

Which chainsaw helmet is your very own test winner depends on the area of ​​application. With this workwear, according to various judgments in tests, it is really true that a high price also speaks for higher quality. A protective helmet used for everyday work should be of particularly high quality and comfortable.

It is also important that no moisture gets through in rain or snow and that the visor still allows good visibility. A cheap forest helmet is completely sufficient if you do woodwork in your free time. Often it is not necessary that the noise protection is particularly high or that the material is unbreakable. An inexpensive forest helmet is sufficient for working in the garden without a chainsaw.

You will often find the note on helmets: insulation value (SNR). These three letters stand for the English words “Single Number Rating”. They are a measurement of the reduction in the sound level, which is given in decibels (D). It describes the difference between the noise outside and the noise level in front of the eardrum. The SNR value, therefore, describes the average protective effect against noise.

Questions and Answers On The Subject Of Forest Chainsaw Helmets

Which manufacturers are there?

You can find forest chainsaw helmets from internationally known brands as well as no-name manufacturers. With the beginning of spring, many discount chains also sell practical occupational safety. Here are some manufacturers and brands that have specialized in this safety clothing.

  • Stihl
  • Protos
  • Pfanner
  • Husqvarna
  • 3M Peltor
  • Oregon
  • Northwood
  • Silverline
  • Engelbert Strauss

How long can I use a forest helmet?

The durability of protective helmets depends on the material. In principle, however, the maximum service life of five years from production or around 3500 working hours is specified. The date of manufacture is noted on the inside of the helmet. If you buy a particularly high-quality helmet, you get a forest helmet with an inner inlay that changes color when exposed to strong UV radiation. In addition, helmets become porous after a while. This reduces the protective effect.

Tip: If you order your helmet online, you may receive it in individual parts because it is easier to pack. However, assembling the first time can be tricky.

Can you buy used forest helmets?

It is possible to buy a used forest helmet. Make sure you have the protection. To do this, press the helmet edges together with a little. If you hear a crack, the material is damaged, you can’t hear anything, is it still elastic and you can purchase the helmet.

What else is there for safety clothing?

Anyone who works as a forest worker usually needs cut protection gloves and boots in addition to a forest helmet. Protective trousers and even work socks are also made of robust materials that make you sweat less quickly.

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