Best Pole Saw 2020: Test, Comparison & Information

By | 8 December 2020

With the pole saw you have the choice between three types: First, models with a petrol engine that have a lot of power and with which you can cut through even the most stubborn branches. Second, electrical devices with which you can work in the garden indefinitely thanks to the permanent power supply. Thirdly, a cordless pole saw, whose battery ensures that you have the greatest possible freedom of movement.

If you do not do heavy gardening every day and are not used to the exertion, you should also make sure in our table that you choose a device that is not too heavy.

Cordless Pole Saw Comparison

It starts with a comparison of different cordless saws.

The most admired and best selling Pole Saw models;

  • Oregon Chainsaw Pole Pruner 900 Watt
  • Greenworks Tools 20147 720 Watt Electric Pole Saw

Best Pole Saw 2020: Test, Comparison & Information

Petrol Pole Saw Comparison

A petrol pole saw can also handle thick branches. But remember that the devices are usually very loud.

The most admired and best selling Petrol Pole Saw models;


Best Pole Saw 2020: Test, Comparison & Information

Electric Pole Saw Comparison

Electric pole saws are connected to the mains with a cable. That makes you powerful and quite quiet, but less flexible in use because of the cable.

The most admired and best selling Electric Pole Saw models;

Best Pole Saw 2020: Test, Comparison & Information


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We are aware that there are always new pole saw models to buy. For this reason alone, we update our best list from time to time. In addition, it can happen that some pole saws are no longer produced. To recommend them anyway would not do justice to the goal of optimal purchase advice. We try to keep the data up to date and ask for your understanding if an error has crept in.

History of pruners: origin, invention, etc.

In order to understand the development of the pole pruner, we must first look at its predecessors. It is a motorized garden tool. So we can speak of a special type of chainsaw. At the same time, the device is significantly slimmer and lighter. Its appearance is therefore more reminiscent of a hedge trimmer. Wikipedia describes it as a “pole saw” and thus also hits it. However, without referring to the origin.

Because its function is more important than its appearance, we refer to the chainsaw in the pole pruner story. Before chainsaws were attached to the telescopic handle, normal saws were used. But working with motorized saws is of course more energy-saving. Because at its core it is nothing else, just in miniature format and extended with a telescopic rod.

How do you cut trees correctly?

Basically, every tree and shrub has to be pruned differently. The season or month must also be chosen so that you achieve the best possible result. It is always advisable to ask an experienced gardener for this. Each tree species develops and behaves slightly differently. Therefore we can only give general tips at this point.

In practice, the professional differentiates between different goals that a tree cut can achieve.

  • With the “yield pruning” fruit trees are to be brought into shape so that it promotes fruit formation. Gardeners thin out the treetop so that the focus flows into the fruit-bearing branches.
  • With the right “plant pruning”, it is desirable that newly integrated trees grow well and develop a strong crown. This requires a reduction to the main drive and three to four secondary drives.
  • When trees grow freely and bear fruit, they can develop very unilaterally. Even strong winds on a regular basis can cause it to lean in one direction. This is why a “relief cut” offers its help.
  • Extensive branches need to be shortened. Parts affected by pests must also be removed to protect the rest of the tree.
  • From time to time trees and bushes need a topiary. Perhaps this is what you want in order to determine the exact size or design.

When is tree pruning permitted – what should be considered?

In addition, there are also legal requirements as to when a tree or shrub may be cut. There are so-called “felling and cutting bans”. They serve the purpose of animal and plant protection. This is why the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) came into force on March 1, 2010. Among other things, it defines when you are allowed to perform a trim. In principle, the period from March 1st to September 30th of each year is prohibited.

Exceptions are allowed, however, which is why you should familiarize yourself with the provisions. In addition, we recommend that you inquire about the requirements of the city or municipality. While the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) applies nationwide, the municipalities can add their own additions. E.g. the times when a tree can be pruned.

The purpose of these guidelines is to protect certain animals that live in trees and shrubs. Birds, squirrels, etc. need the warmer days to raise their offspring, to collect food, and to set up their “living spaces”. Even insects, bees, butterflies, and bumblebees are thought of. As a gardener, you should try to live in harmony with nature.

Note on volume:  This tip should apply to all petrol pruners and some electric models. You should absolutely adhere to the prescribed rest periods. We assume the standard rules for chainsaws, because the pole pruner is most similar to them.
Information from the local public order office can help. Most of the time, the saw can run between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Some federal states or municipalities provide for midday rest. But often only from a certain volume of the machine. It is therefore essential to obtain the specifications and adhere to them. It also helps you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors.

Which oil to use

So-called “chain oil” is available, especially for chainsaws. If the manufacturer of your pruner does not provide any other information, you can use this one. It is based on mineral oil and is filled into the corresponding tank of the pruner.

You should change the oil completely at least once a year. In this way, you avoid deposits in the system, which could eventually clog the circulation.

Which gasoline for pole saws?

Please first take a look at the instructions for the pole pruner. The manufacturer or developer of the engine should have entered information on the correct gasoline here. You can roughly orientate yourself on chainsaws and what kind of fuel mixture they use. If you cannot find any information, please contact the dealer or manufacturer. We cannot give a blanket figure for every gasoline engine, as there are so many different ones.

Where do you get spare parts for pole saws?

First, ask the manufacturer whether they offer the right spare parts and whether they are still in stock. The statutory guarantee may still exist and you will get it for free. Ideally, make sure that the manufacturer has secured the supply of spare parts for the long term when you buy. Some brands cite this as an additional benefit

With very well-known companies it happens that third-party providers secure this market niche. You want to offer cheap spare parts for the pole saw. Whether the quality is comparable to the original depends on the individual case.

If it is engine parts, a mechanic may be able to help.


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