8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 – Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

By | 1 January 2021

Chainsaw – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparisons

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021: When there is work to be done like cutting wood and pruning trees, the chainsaw is an essential tool. Of course, it must be used with extreme skill as it is potentially dangerous: attention must be maximum and, if you don’t feel like it, you should contact a professional. If, on the other hand, you feel ready and sufficiently skilled, it is good to think about which type of chainsaw is most suitable for you. For this purpose we have chosen a few; We immediately propose two models that anticipate our selection: the Stihl MS 170 is perfect for small arboriculture and garden management jobs because it is very light and easy to handle. A similar argument can be made for Husqvarna T 435, equally suitable for pruning, has a good balance and a pretty good power.

The 8 Best Chainsaws – Ranking 2021

Take a look at the chainsaws we have chosen for you, you will find them sorted according to a ranking. To learn more about the characteristics of each, we invite you to read the review carefully. We have taken note of the opinions expressed by other consumers and we have used them to present our conclusions. When choosing your new chainsaw model from those sold online, do not forget to compare prices.

1. Stihl MS 170 petrol chainsaw

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

Our buying advice opens with what, in our opinion, is the best combustion chainsaw on the market. What differentiates Stihl’s MS 170 from its main competitors is the low-emission 2-Mix petrol engine, which ensures lower fuel consumption.

Compared to the previous versions, it has a completely new design that looks above all to lightness and resistance, two fundamental characteristics for those who are unfamiliar with this kind of tool. And it is precisely for the less experienced that the product is aimed, given that the low weight of only 3.7 kilograms makes it extremely easy to handle and manage, being able to rely also on a practical lateral chain tensioner that facilitates tensioning.

The cut is clean and precise thanks to the 35 cm blade equipped with a chain consisting of fifty links, which is joined by the innovative anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations to a minimum during use.


Lightweight: In terms of handling, the ranking of the Stihl MS 170 petrol chainsaw is nothing short of excellent, since the particular lightness of the structure makes it easier to use even for those who do not have much experience.

Practical: The model embraces a wide audience of beginners thanks to the provision of a practical side chain tensioner which, together with the quick ignition system, can be convenient for those who want to perform work to perfection without running into annoying interruptions.

Practical: The 2-MIX petrol engine guarantees excellent performance and reduces fuel consumption, thus offsetting the investment made for the purchase with significant fuel savings.


Not suitable for professional use: A very valid model on the hobbyist front, but certainly not suitable for professional uses that require performance of a certain level.

More information: https://chainsawmodels.com/stihl-ms-170-chainsaw-review-best-price-200-340.html

2. Husqvarna T 435 Professional AMZ Chainsaw

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

Husqvarna T 435 chainsaw is for pruning. Its lightness and good power are immediately striking. Well balanced, it is also suitable for those who have little experience with tools of this type. Not bad consumption that among other things also involve low polluting emissions.

This model, which is among the best sellers, complies with the environmental standards valid worldwide. Very intuitive is the setting of the chain lubrication thanks to the adjustable oil pump. Really simple to clean the air filter which is a quick release, while the chain tensioner favors the quick and simple tension of the chain.

The vibrations are very low and the quality of the materials is satisfactory. There have been very few complaints about this chainsaw, particularly Husqvarna is criticized for the insufficient instructions provided; the greatest difficulties arose for the assembly of the blade and chain.


Light: The low weight has been warmly welcomed by customers: such a feature is essential especially for the less experienced

Lubrication: The system for setting the chain lubrication was judged to be very simple and convenient by users.

Vibrations: Another positive aspect found for the chainsaw concerns the vibrations which are reduced thanks to an evidently efficient contrast system.


Instructions: Husqvarna should have taken care to provide clearer and more detailed instructions – many users have found it difficult due to this lack.

3. Makita UC3041A Electric chainsaw 30cm

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

For non-professional use, we suggest taking a closer look at what the well-known Makita brand has to offer. The UC3041A is an electric chainsaw equipped with a 30 cm bar. Its power is 1,800 W, enough for small jobs like sawing firewood or pruning some trees in the orchard.

It is very light and the vibrations have very little impact. Even those who are at the first experience will have no difficulty in handling it. In this, great help comes not only from the low weight but also from the excellent ergonomic handle with soft grip. To tension the chain it is not necessary to use tools but at the same time we must point out that there are more customers who complain about a quick breakage of the chain tensioner.

The price is low and this is certainly positive but by virtue of this, we have saved on materials whose quality leaves something to be desired.


Handle: The chainsaw boasts a very comfortable handle with a soft grip coating. The grip is secure, firm.

Lightweight: Its lightweight makes work easier as you get less tired, plus its lightness is an even more important feature if the chainsaw is in inexperienced hands.


Materials: We cannot say that Makita has made the best materials available to consumers, there is a bit of a disappointment.

Chain tensioner: Judging from the many complaints, the chain tensioner seems to be the real Achilles heel of this chainsaw: more people have broken it.

4. Black + Decker GKC1825L20-QW Lithium Battery Electric Chainsaw

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

Black + Decker offers a battery-powered chainsaw for pruning work, or rather, for small pruning jobs considering the reduced range of the 18 V battery and the low power. The battery life has been the source of criticism from less satisfied customers who expected to be able to work beyond the 15/20 minutes that allow full charge. We also report the absence of the battery charger.

The use is comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design and the low weight. The handle is also well done. The weight is well distributed so there is less effort. The system for tensioning the chain is satisfactory: no tools are needed, just use the special knob on the side.

Lubrication is also easy: Just a little pressure on the oil tank cap. Safety is maximum: There are a double start switch and an anti-kickback system.


Comfort: The use of the Black + Decker chainsaw is very comfortable thanks to the low weight, among other things, well-distributed and the ergonomic design.

Chain tensioner: The system for tensioning the chain is very practical and does not require the use of tools: just turn a knob.


Autonomy: Disappointing that of the battery which, according to what consumers say, does not go beyond 15 or 20 minutes; also the charger is not included.

Power: Do not expect great power from the electric saw in question, many users said they were quite disappointed about it because they expected something more.

5. Alpina 292614000/11 Chainsaw, 1800 W, Yellow

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

Alpina chainsaw surprised more than one customer. Its performance went beyond expectations. For example, there were those who doubted the cutting capacity fearing even a lack of power instead had to change their mind.

Let it be clear that it is and remains an electric chainsaw for occasional use, absolutely unprofessional, so much so that one of the problems that occur most often concerns the tension of the chain that loosens several times during work. We recommend it especially for pruning or for cutting firewood. The maintenance required is minimal but pay attention to the oil level because this model consumes a lot.

This is another of the defects that we have found together with the brake bar which is judged too hard by users. For the rest we are talking about a light tool, manageable, perhaps with too much plastic but also sold at an attractive price. The quality of the cut is good and the noise is minimal.


Price: It is a very economical electric chainsaw, many users have chosen it for this very reason and were not disappointed with the purchase.

Easy to handle: The low weight makes the electric saw very easy to handle: you don’t get tired and therefore you can work quickly.


Chain tensioner: The chain tensioning system needs to be revised: this loosens too often, forcing you to stop working to bring it back into tension.

Oil consumption: Users find that oil consumption is excessive and this forces them to check the level often and willingly.

6. Echo CS 310 ES Professional Petrol Chainsaw

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

For a professional chainsaw at a pretty good price, we suggest taking a closer look at the Echo. It is a multipurpose tool so you can do a bit of everything with it: sawing firewood, pruning, and so on. The performance is satisfactory as evidenced by several customers who have not failed to express their good impressions received from using this chainsaw.

One of the strengths of the Echo chainsaw is certainly the ease of handling, also favored by an excellent handle that is not soft grip. The ease of use is the result, among other things, of the efficient anti-vibration system the CS 310 ES is equipped with.

Good engine power with its 30.5 cm3 of displacement. The quality of the cut is promoted. It is not very light, when dry it weighs about 4 kg, which in the long run could tire especially those who are less used to handling such a tool.


Performant: Those who have decided to buy the Echo chainsaw tell of excellent performance, the satisfaction with the purchase was maximum.

Manageable: The manageability of this chainsaw should be highlighted, also thanks to a good handle which, despite having no soft grip, is still comfortable.

Cutting: We have noticed the excellent cutting quality this multipurpose chainsaw is capable of, we are sure you will be satisfied.


Weight: For some, especially those who do not have the necessary experience with such tools, the chainsaw could be a bit heavy considering it’s 4 kg dry.

7. Stihl MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw 35 cm blade

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is a tool that is especially suitable for occasional use, so it is aimed at those who take care of the green space surrounding the house. What has just been saying should not make you think of a toy, on the contrary. True, it is small but also sufficiently powerful and more generally, performing.

You will realize the goodness of the purchase after observing the clean and precise cut, without hesitation. The chainsaw then starts on the first shot. You will not have the slightest difficulty in removing branches, pruning, and cutting firewood. It is a chainsaw balanced between weight and power; excellent balance as well as build quality.

Good news also on the consumption front which is quite contained. Of course, it is not cheap but we are talking about a non-prohibitive figure and above all consistent with the general quality of the article.


Cutting: The quality of the cut made by the chainsaw is certainly to be appreciated: precise, clean, completed without hesitation.

Manageable: The excellent balance between weight and power, as well as the compact dimensions, favor manageability, a distinctive element of this model.

Start-up: The chainsaw we propose has an excellent start-up: it always starts at the first try and this is a skill that should not be underestimated.


Non-professional: Net of good impressions and satisfactory performance, it remains a chainsaw to be used only for occasional use, unsuitable for professionals.

8. Husqvarna 236 Chainsaw with 35 cm bar

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

The Husqvarna chainsaw is suitable for occasional use but the performance does not disappoint, it is a pity they are not supported by better quality materials also because as known Husqvarna its products do not give them.

The engine is 38.2 cc for a power of 1.4 KW. It is heavy: when dry you have to support 4.7 kg then clearly the weight of the fuel must be added. It is equipped with a 35 cm long cutting bar as standard, but if desired it can be replaced with a longer one.

It is fueled by mixture, in this regard, as pointed out by some users, it lacks an indicator for the oil and fuel which would have been very useful. It must be said that it consumes little. The grip is comfortable and the tool starts the first time, as long as you follow the starting procedure explained in the instructions.


Performance: The performance of the chainsaw is very good, even if the statement must always be intended for hobby use.

Consumption: We can be satisfied as far as consumption is concerned: with a full tank you can complete a lot of work.


Heavy: Before buying it ask yourself if you are able to support and handle a chainsaw that weighs 4.7 kg when dry.

Absent indicator: As some users have pointed out, there is no indicator for the oil and the mixture: the presence would have been very useful

Guide to buying a chainsaw

Do you want to know where to buy the best chainsaws of 2021 at low prices? Here you will find several offers selected from the many available on the market. We have made a comparison between the models of the best brand, generally more expensive, with something cheaper but not of bad quality. Our selection responds to the most common needs of consumers, which is why we are sure that here you will find the best possible chainsaw for you.

The weight and the power

When choosing a chainsaw, its weight must be taken into consideration. For those who buy such a tool for the first time, they should definitely take the lightest one possible because the lower the weight and the less difficult it is to handle the chainsaw. However, it is not always possible to find the right balance between weight and power. The latter affects weight.

It is evident that the strength of the chainsaw cannot always be sacrificed in favor of greater handling. In other words, the power must be adequate for the work to be done. It is clear that if you go into the woods to cut large trees, you will need more power than someone who uses a chainsaw to cut some small trunk or prune a small tree.

Another thing not to be underestimated is the vibrations; if they are excessive, in the long run, they can cause physical discomfort, as well as making work more tiring and stressful.

The balance

To understand how to choose a good chainsaw, it is not enough to check the weight and power. A good chainsaw is also such because it is well balanced, a fundamental condition for handling. How do you know if the chainsaw you like is balanced? Just do a simple and quick check: you must be able to change the way you grab the handle while avoiding unbalance.

The type of engine

Many think that chainsaws are exclusive to internal combustion engines, but there are also battery-powered ones. For those who work in the woods, there is no doubt about which chainsaw to buy, the one with an internal combustion engine. For the care of the garden or of green space in general, the battery-powered chainsaw or, to be more precise with the terms, an electric chainsaw is convenient. In this case, we suggest having at least two batteries so as not to have to interrupt the work according to the charging times.

To provide clearer information, let’s try to make a distinction between the use of the chainsaw in the garden, therefore occasionally, and for work, so in this case, we are talking about intensive use. For occasional and undemanding use, you do not need a particularly powerful tool which, moreover, costs even more. An engine with a displacement between 25 and 40 cubic centimeters is just fine. We also remember that a limited power also means a lighter and therefore less demanding chainsaw to handle.

On the other hand, those who use the chainsaw often, perhaps for professional purposes, should not go below 50 cubic centimeters of displacement. For pruning, there are chainsaws designed for this task which have a handle in the upper part that allows better handling and a more precise cut.

How to use a chainsaw

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

The chainsaw is a tool to be used with extreme caution and skill but there are many precautions to be taken and which do not necessarily have to do with safety issues which remain the priority.


Before you even worry about how to use your chainsaw, you need to be properly dressed. No area of ​​the body must be uncovered. We sell clothing specially designed for those who work with the chainsaw. It goes without saying that these items of clothing will not make you immune to cuts but it is still protection. Wear a helmet with a visor to protect your eyes and safety shoes. Protect your hands with suitable gloves.

The tensioning of the chain

It is essential that the chain has adequate tension. If it loses it will end up falling off the bar with all the consequent risks for things and people. Excessive tension is also undesirable as this leads to rapid wear and even breakage of the bar. But how to understand when the tension is ideal? When the chain is in contact with the lower part of the guide bar without making it difficult for you to pull it with one hand.

Lubricate the chain

Chain lubrication is very important in order to slow down wear. Check the oil level often and top up every time you put in fuel.

Take care of the bar

Problems with the guide bar often occur. There are three main causes: incorrect chain tensioning, poor lubrication, and a rough cutting technique. Since the area of ​​the bar that wears the most is the lower one, reverse it every time you change the chain, carefully and regularly clean the groove and the lubrication holes of the bar, and with a flat-file remove any burrs that may form.

The correct position

When handling a chainsaw you must assume an adequate position: the tool must always be held firmly with both hands; the right grasps the rear handle while the left the upper one. This also applies to left-handers. The tubular handle makes gripped with thumbs firmly.

8 Best Chainsaws Of 2021 - Comparisons And Prices Of January 2021

Some precautions

Given that when working with the chainsaw attention must always be maximum, it is necessary to be even more cautious when the ground is wet, damp, or worse, with snow or ice. Maximum attention also when working on slopes or in any case uneven ground. Remember that barks on the ground, roots, stumps, and such things can potentially trip you up and with a chainsaw in your hands can be very dangerous. Always for your safety, avoid working alone, and in any case, make sure you are within earshot of your partner.

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