7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review – Comparison 2020

By | 23 November 2020

Electric chainsaws are particularly popular in the private sector. We took a closer look at some of the best-selling electric chainsaws.

Our comparison table will help you choose a suitable electric saw.

Electric Chainsaw Test / Comparison

  • Rank 1 – VERY GOOD (1.33): Tonino KS 6024 – electric chainsaws
  • Rank 2 – GOOD (1.52): Makita UC4051AK – electric chainsaws
  • Rank 3 – GOOD (1.62): Makita UC4041A – electric chainsaws
  • Rank 4 – GOOD (1.62): Dolmar ES43TLCX-40 – electric chainsaws
  • Rank 5 – GOOD (1.67): Makita UC3541A – electric chainsaws
  • Rank 6 – GOOD (1.72): Makita UC3041A – electric chainsaws
  • Rank 7 – GOOD (1.72): Dolmar ES39TLC – electric chainsaws

Areas of Application, Handling

In contrast to the saws powered by a gasoline engine, electric chainsaws are mainly used in the private sector. They do a good job here, whether it’s felling trees, climbing, or chopping firewood.

In the forest, however, you must not get caught with an electric chainsaw, where their use is prohibited for good reason (see the section on safety aspects ).

The electric saws presented by us here all come from the production of well-known gardening equipment and tool manufacturers. They differ in terms of their area of ​​application, mainly in terms of the length of cut and the engine power. Both properties have a decisive influence on which wood shapes and types can be processed.

The same criteria essentially apply to the handling of electric chainsaws as to many other motorized gardening tools: ergonomic grip, weight, and volume should be right. But with chainsaws, there are a few other important factors. The main things to consider here are:

  • The chain change
  • The tensioning of the chain
  • The refilling of the lubricant oil

All of these processes have now been made extremely user-friendly by the manufacturers of the devices, ie in particular that no tools are required. This makes it easier to re-tension the chain and to change the chain a little less often (due to wear).

Tensioning and changing the chain without additional tools: the GH-EC 1835 electric chainsaw from Einhell.

The necessary settings can be made using the rotary knob.

In order to check the oil level, most devices also have a viewing window, which is of course a lot more convenient than the cumbersome procedure for checking the oil level, which is still known from cars.

Another important aspect of handling is the power supply of the chainsaw. Electric chainsaws stand out from the other drive variants in that they draw their energy from the socket.

This means that you are dependent on the power supply and you have to provide adequate fuses (at least 16 A), but you can also operate motors with high power.

As with lawnmowers, trimmers, or hedge trimmers, you should never lose sight of the extension cable because the chainsaw can of course cut it without any effort. And finally, all-electric chainsaws have a cable strain relief that protects against a sudden cable break.

The current oil level of the Dolmar ES-38A can be easily read through a viewing window. The oil tank holds 200 ml.

A replacement chain is already included in the scope of delivery.

Security Aspects

Like all chainsaws, the electric version of this garden tool must be treated with some care. The manufacturers try to make the saws as safe as possible, but the user must also contribute to his own safety. It starts with the operating instructions, which are to be read.

Most of the operating instructions are richly illustrated, especially in the case of chainsaws, so that even supposedly difficult processes – such as changing chains – are child’s play. So it’s worth taking a look.

A course for a chainsaw driver’s license, on the other hand, is not absolutely necessary for an electric chainsaw – if only because these saws are not allowed to be used in the forest, where the driver’s license can be required by the forest owner.

1- Tonino KS 6024 Electric Chainsaw

What the owner of the power chainsaw should definitely get used to is the chain brake, which is primarily intended to protect against kickback. We have described in more detail in this post how and why it is triggered and what consequences a failure can have.

Chain brakes are generally required in the commercial sector, and private users are in most cases obliged by the property owner or forest owner to use a saw with a chain brake. All of the electric chainsaws presented by us are equipped with a chain brake.

The functionality and technology of today’s chain brakes are easy to understand and some of them are operated automatically.

The chain tension is an important safety aspect, as this diminishes with time. It is part of the normal functionality check before the “start” that the chain tension is corrected if necessary, which – as we described at the beginning – is an easy thing since it is done without tools and in a few simple steps.

Overall, it can be said that the technology of chainsaws today is associated with a high level of safety, including and especially that of electric chainsaws.

These have electronic leakage barriers (the chain stops in seconds after releasing the on / off switch on the main handle), the chain starts up gently after starting and many also have overload protection so that the fuse does not constantly blow out after switching on.

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020 7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Additional Equipment

What additional products does a chainsaw user definitely need? In the case of electric chainsaws, these are the following components:

  • Lubricating oil (necessary),
  • Cut protection gloves (necessary),
  • Face and ear protection (necessary),
  • Cut protection dungarees (recommended),
  • Safety shoes (recommended).

To lubricate the chains you should always use biodegradable oil because this is sprayed into the garden environment during work. This is also required by law for use with chainsaws in the garden and house. We therefore generally recommend oils that have been awarded the Blue Angel for special environmental compatibility (RAL UZ 48).

2- Makita UC4051AK Electric Chainsaw

If you want a chainsaw and additional products such as a replacement chain, chain guard, protective goggles, chain oil, files, and gloves, you should order the 1800 watt Makita UC4051AK electric chainsaw. You get all of it nicely and handy packed in a suitcase.

Areas of Application, Handling

If you choose the Makita UC4051AK, you not only get the chainsaw but also in a metal case :

  • a file for re-sharpening the saw chain,
  • a replacement chain,
  • one liter of chain oil,
  • a chain guard.

What more do you need? Nothing – we can start right away! This is how chainsawing is really fun: there are enough actuation fields for the newly purchased UC4051AK with its 2000 watt motor and a cutting length of 35.5 cm: sawing firewood, cutting down trees, or clearing trees, this saw can do all of this, provided the operator works properly you know how to handle.

This includes, for example, inserting and tensioning the chain. The UC4051AK makes it easy for the user: Special tools are superfluous here. The tensioning of the chain(or “relax”) is done in the same way with all-electric chainsaws from Makita by regulating the chain tension with a dial on the right side of the engine block. The chain change is also done in this way without tools. And so that nothing goes wrong, every step is precisely documented in the exemplary operating instructions with a wealth of drawings (60 pictures described in detail!)!

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020 7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages

Makita UC4051AK Advantages:

  • Blade length 40 cm
  • Powerful electric motor (2,000 watts)
  • Chain speed 14.5 m / sec.
  • Toolless chain tensioning/changing
  • Automatic chain brake
  • Incl. Replacement chain
  • Incl. Chain oil
  • Incl. Metal file
  • Robust metal case

Makita UC4051AK Disadvantages:

  • Weight

3- Makita UC4041A Electric Chainsaw

In the following sections, we will introduce you to the Makita UC4041A, an 1800 watt electric chainsaw from Makita. Read about the characteristics of this chainsaw.

Areas of Application, Handling

With a cutting length of 40 cm and a powerful 1800 watt motor, the Makita UC4041A is suitable for typical wood cutting work in the private sector. Whether you want to cut firewood or fell a conifer – the Makita UC4041A manages it all with ease.

No tools are required to tension the chain. With all Makita electric chainsaws, the chain is tensioned without a special chain saw key as follows:

  • plastic flap is opened on the right side of the engine block, behind which there is a rotary knob (adjusting wheel) for the chain tension.
  • Next, turn this knob anti-clockwise, it loosens the chain tension.
  • Now you correct the chain position and the distance to the saw bar.
  • Finally, the chain is tightened again by turning it clockwise.

As with many other motorized gardening tools, such small function changes can be managed without tools. Of course, this also applies to the chain change: here you basically proceed in the same way as described above. When changing the chain, however, you must ensure that the new chain is adequately lubricated. With the Makita UC4041A, this is very simple: you look through the window to check the oil level and you know!

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020 7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Security aspects

The saw is protected against the notorious kick-back, the kickback effect, by the chain brake. This brake is triggered by 2 mechanisms:

  • on the one hand by deliberately pushing the handguard forward, which actuates a switch to activate the chain brake, and on the other
  • due to the inertia of the hand protection (at Makita this system is called SafetyMatic ), the weight of which was calculated precisely for this effect. If the saw is torn upwards by a kick-back, the handguard remains in its previous position due to its inertia, so it is pulled forward and thus releases the brake.

The chain brake works extremely quickly: after only 0.15 seconds the chain stops and the motor is switched off.

Safety also includes the electronic leak lock, which always takes effect when you let go of the main handle. Here, too, the chain stops suddenly.

As with all chainsaws, proper use of this device requires sufficient knowledge of the technology and use of the device. The Makita UC4041A meets all the safety requirements for a modern, electrically operated chainsaw, but with these relatively dangerous garden tools, the user is also challenged again when it comes to his own safety. In the next section, you will find more detailed information on, among other things, products that serve your safety.


For reasons of environmental protection, chainsaws must use biodegradable oils to lubricate the chain. Both of the chain oils recommended by us were awarded the Blue Angel for special environmental compatibility (RAL UZ 48) :

  • Makita saw chain oil BIOTOP 1L,
  • or Dolmar BIOTOP-OEL.

Incidentally, biodegradable oils do not last forever, most of them have to be replaced after 2 years at the latest. Before starting the saw, always check that there is enough oil!

With intensive use, the time will come when the chain needs to be replaced. We recommend the Makita 40 cm 3/8 inch saw chain as a replacement chain.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Makita UC4041A Advantages:

  • Chain tension/change without tools
  • Big oil tank
  • Oil level indicator
  • Chain brake
  • Low weight

Makita UC4041A Disadvantages:

  • No replacement chain included.

4- Dolmar ES43TLCX-40 Electric Chainsaw

The Dolmar ES43TLCX-40 electric chainsaw is equipped with a 40-centimeter sword. The power is 1,800 watts. The oil tank has a capacity of 200 milliliters and has a large viewing window through which you can quickly and easily check the oil level.

Conveniently, you can tension the chain on the Dolmar electric chainsaw without tools. In addition, when using the model you benefit from the leakage brake, the hand protection, the strain relief, and the large cooling air intake.

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages

Dolmar ES43TLCX-40 Advantages:

  • 1800 watt electric motor
  • Blade length 40 cm
  • Run-out brake
  • Automatic oil pump
  • Chain tensioning without tools
  • Low weight
  • Incl. 2x saw chain

Dolmar ES43TLCX-40 Disadvantages:

  • Volume.

5- Makita UC3541A Electric Chainsaw

Powerful chainsaw with tool-free chain tensioning as well as chain and rail changes

A powerful 1,800 W chainsaw with a slim design. It can be used for universal use in the home and garden. Saw bar 35 cm, chain speed 14.5 m / s. Equipped with an adjustable automatic oil pump and tool-free chain tensioning as well as chain and rail changes.

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020 7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Makita UC3541A Specs

  • The covered handle ensures a secure hold and a comfortable grip
  • Chainsaw with optimal handiness and high maintenance friendliness
  • Chain change and adjustment of the chain tension without tools
  • Improved oil pump with an adjustable delivery rate ensures an even oil supply regardless of temperature and viscosity
  • A large viewing window allows quick control of the oil level
  • Strongly serrated strip for optimum hold in the workpiece

Advantages and Disadvantages

Makita UC3541A Advantages:

  • Blade length 35 cm
  • Rubber-padded handle
  • Chain speed 14.5 m / sec.
  • Chain brake
  • Chain tensioning without tools
  • Automatic oil pump
  • Large viewing window for oil level
  • Low weight

Makita UC3541A Disadvantages:

  • No replacement chain included.

6- Makita UC3041A Electric Chainsaw

We also recommend purchasing replacement chains for individual products. Here you have to adhere exactly to the chain dimensions given in the operating instructions if you want to order such a chain.

The other additional products concern the clothing of the user. While you definitely don’t have to wear hearing protection or cut protection trousers to operate grass shears, this is more necessary with chainsaws. In particular, face protection goggles, gloves, and hearing protection are a clear must for the user, and in the commercial sector, they are even required by law.

The protection trousers is a sensible security measure because those pants are filled with a special mass that the saw will entail in seconds on contact to stop.

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020 7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Who is the product suitable for?

The UC 3041A electric chainsaw from Makita is a compact representative of its product category. It is suitable for sawing work where the cut material is not too large in diameter. The cutting of firewood for the stove is just as much a part of your possible tasks as the pruning of fruit and ornamental wood and the cutting of square timbers on the building site.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Makita UC3041A Advantages:

  • Blade length 30 cm
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Chain speed 14.5 m / sec.
  • Lightweight
  • Chain brake
  • Automatic oil pump
  • Chain tensioning without tools

Makita UC3041A Disadvantages:

  • No replacement chain included.

Strengths and Weaknesses

With a power consumption of 1,800 watts, the saw has a chain speed of 14.5 meters per second. In connection with the moderate product weight of 4.5 kilograms and the 30-centimeter long sword, the Makita is ideal for all work where pleasant handling properties and high flexibility are in the foreground.

The soft grip inserts, which are generously distributed over the grip surfaces, ensure a secure hold and fatigue-free work. Both the chain change and the need to re-tension the chain from time to time are possible without any assembly tools. According to the manufacturer, the metered chain lubrication, which is responsible for a high level of work progress, is not influenced by the weather conditions and provides the necessary lubrication even at low temperatures.

The oil tank has a viewing window for easy checking of the fill level. Kickback protection is provided to prevent accidents at work.

7- Dolmar ES39TLC Electric Chainsaw

From the range of 1800 watt chainsaws with a cutting length of 35 cm, we present the Dolmar ES39TLC entry-level model. In the product area of electric chainsaws, Makita and its 100% subsidiary Dolmar offer various devices, some of which are identical and differ only in insignificant details such as color.

Areas of Application, Handling

The Dolmar ES39TLC with its 1800 watt motor and cutting length of 35 cm is suitable for all typical wood cutting work in the house and garden. It shows its qualities with both soft spruce and hard beech wood.

It is switched on / off with the usual unlock button (also referred to here as “locking button”) and the on / off switch on the main handle. If the main handle is released, the electric make out brake the motor and especially the chain for an immediate stop.

The tensioning of the chain takes place without tools (so you don’t need a chainsaw key here). To do this, open a plastic flap on the side of the engine block, behind which the rotary knob (adjusting wheel) for the chain tension is located. If you now turn this knob counterclockwise, the chain tension is loosened, you can then change the chain position and the distance to the saw bar, in the opposite direction the chain is tightened again.

Tensioning the chain is therefore no problem with this saw – tool-free settings and device changes are now standard for motorized gardening tools. The same applies to changing the chain: this is also done in a pleasant way without tools. Make sure, however, that the new chain is well lubricated. With the Dolmar ES39TLC, the oil level is checked through the viewing window and, after filling with oil, let the saw run without load for about 2 minutes before putting it on the wood. The Dolmar ES39TLC is a compact and well-thought-out electric chainsaw. Tensioning and changing the chain is done without tools. Overall, this device is user-friendly and easy to use, the first assembly and subsequent chain changes are done in minutes, and the sound pressure level is significantly below that of a gasoline-powered device.

7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020 7 Best Electric Chainsaw Review - Comparison 2020

Security Aspects

The saw is protected against the notorious kickback effect by the chain brake, which is switched on manually via the handguard pushed forward and automatically also by the inertia of the handguard (at Dolmar / Makita this system is called SafetyMatic ). The reaction time is 0.15 seconds, a value at which one can speak of a really “sudden stop” of the chainsaw.

Safety also includes the electronic leak lock, which always takes effect when you let go of the main handle. Here, too, the chain stops suddenly.

This garden tool meets all safety requirements of a modern, electrically operated chainsaw. However, the manufacturer rightly points out that the users themselves have to ensure their own safety to a considerable extent if they want to operate this device responsibly. In addition to precise knowledge of the equipment technology and application, clothing also contributes to your own safety. You will find more information on this in the next section.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Dolmar ES39TLC Advantages:

  • Blade length 35 cm
  • Powerful electric motorAdequate oil tank volume
  • Large oil tank window
  • Automatic oil pump
  • Chain tensioning by adjusting wheel
  • Low weight

Dolmar ES39TLC Disadvantages:

  • Volume.

Electric Chainsaw Test / Comparison: Current Leaderboard

  1. Tonino KS 6024 – ÇOK İYİ (1,33) – 4,5 yıldız – (474) – 115,83 € (Amazon)
  2. Makita UC4051AK – İYİ (1,52) – 4,5 yıldız (230) – 252,20 € (Amazon)
  3. Makita UC4041A – İYİ (1,62) – 4,5 yıldız (757) – 133,38 € (Amazon)
  4. Dolmar ES43TLCX-40 – İYİ (1,62) – 4,7 yıldız (53) – 137,10 € (Amazon)
  5. Makita UC3541A – İYİ (1,67) – 4,6 yıldız (914) – 122,34 € (Amazon)
  6. Makita UC3041A – İYİ (1,72) – 4,6 yıldız (591) – 94,42 € (Amazon)
  7. Dolmar ES39TLC – İYİ (1,72) – 4,5 yıldız (78) – 129,59 Euro (Amazon)

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