7 Best Cordless Chainsaw Review – Comparison 2020

By | 24 November 2020

Read this article before choosing cordless chainsaws. Cordless electrical garden tools are enjoying increasing popularity thanks to the now mature battery technology (keyword: lithium-ion).

This also applies to cordless chainsaws, at least in the private sector, of which you will find some of the best-selling devices in our comparison table.

Cordless Chainsaw Test / Comparison

Best Cordless Chainsaw List:

  1. VERY GOOD (1.47): Makita DUC353Z
  2. VERY GOOD (1.49): Einhell GE-LC 36/35 Li Solo
  3. GOOD (1.50): Einhell GE-LC 18 Li Kit
  4. GOOD (1.57): Bosch Universalchain 18
  5. GOOD (1.63): FUXTEC EA216
  6. GOOD (1.66): Black & Decker GKC3630L20
  7. GOOD (1.69): IKRA IAK 40-3025

We have selected some of the best-selling battery-operated chainsaws and present you – in a current comparison – the strengths and weaknesses of the respective models.

Areas Of Application, Handling

Like the electric chainsaw, the cordless chainsaw is mainly used in the private sector. Since it cannot produce the same high performance as an electric chainsaw, it is mainly used for smaller woodcutting jobs in the garden. Here it is of course ideal because you can move around the garden with it, unhindered by an annoying extension cable.

The presented cordless chainsaws all come from the production of well-known gardening equipment and tool manufacturers. The sword lengths range from 11.5 cm to 30 cm, which means you can cut down a tree with a cordless chainsaw with a 30 cm cutting length – but that is certainly not the normal area of ​​application for such a saw.

It also makes no sense to use it on wood with a hardness of 4, as you would then have to change the battery far too often. In addition, the chain speed of the cordless tools is far too slow for cutting such extremely hardwood.

But: Cordless chainsaws have the advantage that they are usually a little quieter than electric chainsaws, and their low weight makes them easier to use. Other important criteria are:

  • the chain change,
  • the tensioning of the chain as well as
  • The refilling of the lubricant oil

The simplest possible, tool-free handling of these recurring processes is crucial for the user.

When it comes to chain oil, the following applies: cordless chainsaws consume less oil than electric chainsaws because they also have a lower chain speed. Otherwise, the chain change and the tensioning of the chain can usually be carried out without tools.

In order to check the oil level, most devices also have a viewing window, which is of course a lot more convenient than the cumbersome procedure for checking the oil level, which is still known from cars.

Security aspects

At least one thing you should know: one of the most important safety aspects with battery-operated chainsaws is – similar to other drive variants – the protection against kickback of the entire saw. Here the manufacturers go different ways: some install the classic chain brake, others, in turn, provide top protection.

In any case, it can be assumed that the manufacturers have been careful when equipping their chainsaws with safety components and have ensured optimum safety for the user.

7 Best Cordless Chainsaw Review – Comparison 2020 With cordless chainsaws, however, there is still the following problem: due to their relatively low weight and the lower cutting force and chain speed, users are often tempted to use this device more carelessly.

Some people enthusiastically report that they can even saw off branches “one-handed” with their cordless chainsaw. Something like this is by no means worth copying because the cordless chainsaw’s potential for injury is still alarmingly high.

The operating instructions for the cordless chainsaws, like those of the other drive variants, are therefore particularly richly illustrated and show in detail how to use the devices if safety is important.

Also, the testing of the chain tension after each operation one of the elementary safety precautions and is therefore discussed in detail in the manuals and illustrated by drawings.

Batteries and chargers

When it comes to batteries and chargers, the devices in our comparison sometimes differ significantly from one another. A charger is not included with all cordless chainsaws. Our comparison table contains more information on this, as well as on the charging and running times of the batteries.

The advantages and disadvantages of the individual products are particularly evident in the area of ​​batteries, which is why the inclusion of these properties in our table is important for the buyer’s decision-making.

As mentioned above, the loading time and the runtime play a decisive role here. The running time depends on the severity of the work: if you cut softwoods, the battery lasts longer than with harder woods.

The manufacturer’s specifications “Running time in a number of cuts with a fixed average and the same type of wood” take this fact into account, but sometimes minutes are given instead of “Number of cuts”.

The running time is determined by another factor than the hardness of the wood, namely the internal structure of the battery. Nowadays, nickel-cadmium, metal hydride, and lithium-ion batteries are common on the market. The models in our comparison table are all equipped with modern lithium-ion batteries.

Useful additional products

Which additional products does the user of a cordless chainsaw definitely need? We have put together some components for you here:

  • Lubricating oil (necessary),
  • Cut protection gloves (necessary),
  • Face and ear protection (necessary),
  • Cut protection dungarees (recommended),
  • Safety shoes (recommended).

There are now numerous chain oils on the market, most of which are also biodegradable and have good adhesive properties. Since the chains usually move around the sword fairly quickly, these adhesive properties are important for oil consumption: the better the chain oil’s adhesive properties, the lower the oil consumption.

Fortunately, with cordless chainsaws, their oil consumption is not quite as high because of the lower chain speed compared to electric chainsaws. In our product descriptions of the individual chainsaws, we generally recommend oils that have been awarded the Blue Angel for special environmental compatibility (RAL UZ 48).

Further additional products concern the clothing of the user. Swimming trunks or bikinis are definitely not appropriate as “work clothes” when operating a chainsaw. However, may face safety goggles, gloves, and ear protection as well as protection trousers make work easier and increase safety.

Chainsaw protection trousers, for example, are filled with a special substance that stops the saw in fractions of a second when it comes into contact with the saw.

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